”Pittsburgh Public School’s Early Intervention Program has utilized Healthy Child services for several years. As a result of these exemplary services, medically fragile preschoolers are now able to successfully attend preschool in a typical classroom setting; making their transition into kindergarten smoother and less stressful for the family and child.”

Nancy Hill, Ed.D. Pittsburgh Public Schools Sr. Program Officer Early Intervention Program


HEALTHYCHILD (Collaborative Health Interventions
for Learners with Differences) School-Linked
Developmental Healthcare Partnerships
  • Developmental healthcare support through a mobile transdisciplinary team.
  • Nurse, psychologists, consulting physician, behavioral specialists, early interventionists, and teachers.
  • On-site consultation, modeling, mentoring, and support within early childhood
    intervention classrooms and settings for teachers, administrators, and parents.
  • Preschoolers with medical conditions, challenging or atypical behaviors, and developmental/learning difficulties.
  • Application of "response-to-intervention" methods of graduated interventions and prevention supports.

Pittsburgh Public Schools Board of Education, Early Intervention Program- (1994-present).

Pittsburgh Public Schools Board of Education, Early Head Start/Head Start and Pre-Kindergarten Programs- 

Beaver County Early Head Start/Head Start- (2004-present).

Northern Panhandle Early Head Start/Head Start, Inc.,WVA- (2005-present).

Westmoreland County Head Start-(2008-2011). 

Heritage Community Initiatives (HCI)--4KIDS in Braddock (2003-2007; 2011-)


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