“Professor Bagnato’s cogent presentation and highly pertinent examples inspired and encouraged staff to review their assessment practices and fostered interdisciplinary collaboration through authentic assessment.”

Janene Swalwell, Ministry of Education, Early Intervention Association of Australia



  • National research center grant from US Department of Education, Office
    of Special Education Programs (2003-2008); Pennsylvania satellite.
  • Foundational research on the evidence-base for early childhood assessment
    practices applied to early intervention purposes (0-5 years), especially eligibility (0-3)
  • Translational research syntheses and prospective studies on clinical judgment (informed
    opinion), authentic vs. conventional methods, team models, presumptive eligibility,
    and social-emotional indicators to accomplish specific early intervention purposes.

European Union-US Department of Education Joint grant: Atlantis/GEDS-A Transatlantic
Consortium for International Pre-service Education In Early Childhood Intervention; (2006-2012); focus on implementation and practice-based research on the International Classification of Functioning-Children and Youth Version--ICF-CY

Federico II University Medical School, Campania Public Health Region, and Down Syndrome Congress, Naples, Italy; (2003-2009).

Early Childhood Intervention Councils, Ministries of Education in Australia and New Zealand; (2009).

Minnesota Department of Education, Office of Early Childhood; (2009-2012).

National and international trainings on Authentic Assessment for Early Childhood Intervention: US, Italy, Portugal, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden

National and conference webinars and on-site workshops for state partners across the US on authentic assessment, authentic program evaluation research, and valid use of clinical judgment (informed opinion) for early intervention eligibility determination; (1980-present)


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